How to Organize Washi Tape

Posted on September 28, 2015 by Doug Auxier | 0 comments

 I decided to try and organize all of my business supplies before the Holiday rush.  I had a washi tape organizer that I had found at Costco, but it just didn't give me the flexibility to do what I wanted.  I wanted to be able to grab a roll of washi tape and wrap whatever I was wrapping and put it back.  The Costco organizer held the tape on a roll type thing and had a cute cutter on the side of the tray, basically worthless for me as the tape could not easily be removed and as you can see from the picture, it became a pile of chaos!

After much searching, I came across this amazing washi tape organizer and I am so pleased with it.   Here is a photo after everything was organized neatly in my new rack.  Each tape can be pulled off the shelf and put back easily.



Care to join me in getting organized?  Check out for shelves to organize almost anything from ink pads to punches or ribbons!  Organize More is now my go to shop on my journey to getting organized.





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