Mauve Blush - Natural Facial Blush, No Oxides

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100% Natural Makeup - Mauve Blush Powder

Natural plant derived makeup was create for those looking to go au naturale with their everyday routine. Go back to nature and feel beautiful. Our body absorbs everything through the skin, so why do you wan to use products that contain non natural ingredients?

An all natural cheek powder made from whole natural ingredients! Beet root powder offers an amazing hint of pink tint or highlight to the cheeks.

Our natural Makeup is a little different than store bought makeup. It applies lighter on skin compared to the bold dramatic colors from the store. It provides a soft subtle color, a compromise or maybe new way of looking at makeup. Either way I think you'll love it!

Directions: Use a fluffy brush, makeup sponge or fingers to apply in a circular motion. Gently massage onto skin. Suitable for all skin types. For sensitive skin, try a small test patch at first.

This listing includes Mauve Blush Powder in a 20ml (20gm) jar with a sifter for easy application with your favorite makeup brush.

Ingredients: certified organic arrowroot powder . certified organic beet root powder. Australian pink clay, organic cocoa powder

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