Sandalwood Turmeric Face Mask

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Our Sandalwood Turmeric face mask is a mask specifically for those combating acne and looking for a youthful glow.

Scoop a teaspoon of powder into a dish + add about 2 teaspoons of liquid. Try coconut oil, raw honey, organic yogurt. or milk, or my special liquid blend created to blend perfectly with this mask. Blend to desired consistency. Apply to face + neck. Let set for fifteen minutes. [It will not harden.] Using a damp cloth, exfoliate by using circular motions on face + neck. Rinse. Pat dry. Store in a cool place. Provides about 12 - 14 uses.

Turmeric is a natural dye so use caution around clothing. It will not dye your face, it comes off, but it can dye fabric. So keep that in mind with the cloth you use. Please spot test a small area before using on entire face as each persons skin is different.

organic turmeric root, gram powder, organic aloe and more

100% natural - vegan - not tested on animals - [non]gmo - made in USA

2 oz glass jar of our Sandalwood Skin turmeric face mask

Organic Turmeric root powder is effective in the treatment of acne due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties which fight pimples and breakouts to provide a youthful glow to your skin. Turmeric face mask not only helps to clear acne scars and inflammation but also reduces oil secretion by sebaceous glands.

Gram flour - has long been used across India and Southeast Asia as both an exfollient and a homemade beauty treatment to lighten and brighten skin.

Organic Aloe Vera powder is known for its skin healing properties. It is used for irritated, sunburned, or inflamed skin. Aloe vera powder contains salicylates, which are known to relieve pain. It is also high in antioxidants, vitamin C, and other minerals which allow the skin to heal faster.

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