Charcoal Mask-Acne Face Mask

Elegant Rose Boutique

Charcoal Mask.

A natural detox mask for those with problem skin. This mask is the ultimate in deep cleansing and detoxification for your skin and was created for those with oily skin, acne prone skin or to be used as a spot treatment.  Also great for poison ivy and other skin irritations.


+ Bentonite Clay : Gently detoxifying and cleansing. Leaves skin soft and nourished.

+ Activated Charcoal : An amazing natural ingredient with incredible adsorbing powers.

+ Black Australian Clay -  contains great iron and oxygen properties. It is a non-toxic mineral with cleansing and conditioning properties. It energizes, refreshes, removes toxins from the skin which makes the skin look softer and healthier.

2 ounce glass jar of dry clay powder, please mix with liquid of your choice appropriate for your skin.

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