Elegant Rose Customer Reviews

We have been hand crafting natural soaps & skin care products for over 9 years and always strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

 Like many people, I shopped around and tried other soaps and this is the best! The lather, the fragrance, and the gentleness on my skin, love it! - Sharon, February 2, 2016


Fantastic! This is the first natural toothpaste that I like. Leaves my teeth feeling and looking clean. - Candace, January 19, 2016

Love the Lavish Hair Shampoo bar! I used it for the first time today, skeptical because another brand I had tried made my hair feel tangly and dry. This one did not. It had a great lather and felt smooth rinsing out. Easy to comb my hair and left it very soft and shiny. I'm very happy with this product! - Dani, January 7, 2016

I have used this product twice so far. My hair is very long, mildly wavy, fine, and thinning. Every time I would brush my hair lots of hair would fall out. I hated brushing my hair, hated doing my flat, lifeless hair and would have to spend a while just to make it look even the slightest bit voluminous. So far w/ this soap (+ vinegar rinse) I have had a significant decrease in hair loss and a increase in volume already. I've never use solid shampoo before but have always wanted to for environmental reasons & I decided to start here w/o even having expectations of improving in the hair loss department, but I'm so pleased it's helped there thus far! The soap itself doesn't have a strong scent & it's pretty hard compared to a typical bar soap, it lathers great & my hair feels so clean afterwards. - Krista, December 20, 2016

This soap is amazing. I use this on my body and also my face. Ever since my first pregnancy I've had horrible dry skin and this soap helps remove more dead skin than any face cleanser/ exfoliating brush I've ever tried. I use coconut oil afterwards as a moisturizer, it's nice to have pretty skin again! Thanks. -Ivy Light, Mar 17, 2014

These are amazing!!! Great for my sensitive skin! They arrived super fast too! I will def be back ASAP! Thanks so much!!!! F.Y.A., March 11, 2014

First time using shaving soap, but I love it. My legs feel much softer than using shaving creams full of chemicals and the smell is lovely. -Jael Moray, March 1, 2014

This shampoo bar makes my hair feel thick and soft again. It is easy to use, lathers great, and the unscented option is great for those of us with allergies. IBburnedout, March 1, 2014

Great product and qick shipping! I love usuing these natural soaps, it makes my skin feel so nice. -Jessica Dahlgreen, February 10, 2014

This is the first time I've tried shampoo soap and I am so glad I did. I love these and am pleased I purchased the samples because I actually like one of my fallback choices more than the ones I just knew would be for me. I'll be back for more! -Hippohurray, January 27, 2014

Bought this as a gift for a friend. She LOVES it! Thank you. -Tammy Durant, January 7, 2014

Glorious! A wonderfully balanced, deep clean, and the scent makes you feel like you're on vacation.Glorious! A wonderfully balanced, deep clean, and the scent makes you feel like you're on vacation. - TaylenandKatie - March 3, 2014

"Very Impressed with this shop and this soap. The shipping and communication is top notch. The soap arrived within just a couple days. My skin isn't itchy anymore and is so much clearer and that's just from using it for 4 days. I break out with a rash on my chest when I get stressed out and nothing has ever been able to stop it, except this soap. I'm so amazed! I can't thank you enough! I will be a lifelong customer :0)" Shayna Westfall - May 21, 2012 

"Gifted to friend, he thinks its wonderful!" turquoisecave - Apr 8, 2012

"I use this soap on my face and it is awesome. It smells great. I feel like I'm at a spa when I use it. It lathers well and my face feels really clean when I rinse it off. I have been using it for a few weeks now and have noticed a decrease in blackheads and when a pimple does come up, it comes to the surface quicker so it is gone quicker!" Patti Trojacek - Apr 23, 2012