Cambrian Blue Clay Soap

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Ready for a change in your skin? The unique composition and age of the Cambrian Blue clay makes it a very rare and highly valuable clay among all cosmetic clays. Russian scientists suggest that Cambrian Blue Clay has up to 5 times higher mineral content than the Dead Sea Mud.  This bar makes a great facial soap as well as an all over body bar.



this soap truly is a miracle. within the first week of using it, my skin started clearing up. thank you

This soap is simply amazing. I've battled skin issues since my pre-teen years and this is the only thing that has worked! It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and my complexion looks better than in has in at least 15 years. I will be buying more for sure!

Had to try this one as soon as it came through my letterslot. Got me late for a date it did, but my date understood, I had to try my soap! Amazing it is, my skin feels different already after one wash.

Awesome soap! Smells great, very pleased!

I love the facial soap! Its really clearing those bumps up from under my chin.

I have sensitive skin I wasn't sure if this would dry my skin too much. My skin doesn't feel dry, tight or oily at all, it feels great. I also love the scent. Thank you for the lovely soap sample!

Definite reduction in facial blemishes for the girl for whom this bar was purchased. Fast shipping.

This is my second time ordering from Elegant Rose Boutique. My husband and I love this soap. The Activated charcoal is the only my husband uses anymore and I just love the way the soap makes my skin feel.

I love the way this soap makes my skin feel. Thank you for the quick delivery and the sample bar. Love it!

Daughter thought this soap was great! Will be back for more!

This soap is amazing. I have occasional breakouts on my face; using this soap cleared them up practically overnight. I'm going to alternate this with the Dead Sea soap, since both give such great results.

I got this soap for my boyfriend for Christmas. He works in a factory were he is in contact with fiber glass and resins all day. He regularly breaks out in rashes on his arms and legs that sometimes break into sores or raw skin. After he started using the charcoal soap every day the rashes have gotten smaller and less sever. They haven't gone completely away but they have gotten a lot better! I also use the soap as a shaving soap. My legs don't ever itch anymore after I shave! It's super! Thanks for the great soap.


The bars measure approximately 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 1 1/4. They weigh between 5 and 5.5 ounces.

This listing is for (1) bar of soap.

Ingredient list: saponified olive oil, coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil, organic shea butter, castor oil, water, cambrian blue clay, lavender & grapefruit essential oils

Have a great day!

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