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Our Charcoal Tooth paste is created with natural ingredients including activated charcoal known for its abilities to detox. Our toothpaste was created to deep clean your mouth and teeth. Safe for children, even if swallowed. This toothpaste is actually a smooth paste similar to regular toothpaste. 

Choose 2 or 4 ounce glass jar 

NATURAL ingredients. No additives or fillers. 

Ingredients: Mineral water, calcium powder, organic coconut oil, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, xanthum gum, organic essential oils & organic non-gmo xylitol derived from birch not corn.

* MINERAL WATER - There are 22 lab proven minerals in an ionized form in this water. There are also over 40 trace minerals.

* CALCIUM CARBONATE-essential for strong and healthy teeth.

* ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - a great detoxer for teeth and gums.

* XYLITOL - Natural sweetener, organic and non-GMO

* BENTONITE CLAY: Natural clay from volcanic ash. Known to be the most powerful of all clay cleansers and has natural detox properties. Contains Silica, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium.

Available in natural scents created using pure essential oils only. Scents available include: Defender(Thieves blend), Peppermint or unscented.


The very best charcoal and clay toothpaste that I have used. Very mild, yet very effective cleaning. Teeth feel squeaky clean and bright.

I love, love, love this product. I was using another product that made my mouth sore and the peppermint was overwhelming. This has a nice hint of peppermint. Cleans very nicely and my teeth appear noticeably whiter. There is no burning or aftertaste. I am extremely pleased. Customer for life!!!!

Love, love, love! I alternate this with their other natural toothpaste.

Fantastic! So happy I found this natural toothpaste. Leaves your mouth feeling clean without the chemicals.

I love the taste and it keep my breath sooo fresh throughout the day. Love it

Fantastic! This is the first natural toothpaste that I like. Leaves my teeth feeling and looking clean.

I create a regular toothpaste if you prefer one without charcoal.

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