Organic Coconut Cream - Natural Moisturizer

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Organic Coconut Cream 4 oz glass jar

This Coconut cream was created for all of those looking for an easier way to use coconut oil on their skin. Cold pressed organic virgin Coconut Oil acts as a moisturizer, antibiotic, anti-fungal and an anti-oxidant for your skin. It has a high moisture retaining capacity so it acts as an excellent moisturizer for your skin with the bonus of smelling wonderful.

This organic coconut cream was created from the purest virgin organic coconut oil you can buy, along with organic rose hip oil, both of which are wonderful for the skin. 

I have been using this particular coconut oil for about 12 years and have always been happy with the results, both for cooking and skin care. Not all virgin coconut oils are the same, Virgin Coconut Oil can only be achieved by using fresh coconut meat or what is called non-copra. Chemicals and high heating are not used in further refining, since the natural, pure coconut oil is very stable with a shelf life of several years. This coconut oil is processed by wet-milling. With this method the oil is extracted from fresh coconut meat without drying first. "Coconut milk" is expressed first by pressing. The oil is then further separated from the water. The method which is used to separate the oil from the water is fermentation. "Fermentation" here is defined as the natural separation of the coconut oil from water using gravity. No machine or other substances are used in the extraction. So the results are pure virgin coconut oil.

Start with a small amount as very little is needed to get results.

Great for the face and body, where ever you have dry skin!

Please do your own research about the wonderful qualities of organic virgin coconut oil for the skin, hair and your health.

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